Safety: These instructions were written when flash bulbs were in common usage and everyone was expected to know how to handle them. If you intend to use a bulb flash gun, ensure you know what you are doing. Flash bulbs get very hot. Do not handle a discharged flash bulb until it has had time to cool. Always eject the bulb into a heat-proof container (never your hand!) and ensure that the container is out of the reach of children.

Installing the Battery

First detach reflector: turn reflector to forward position, press spring lock button (1) and remove after a short turn.

Inserting battery (observe correct polarity): slip battery in, negative pole (-) first, press to left and down into position. Use flat cell 22.5 volt hearing aid battery. To change battery: press to left and lift out.

To attach reflector: Place reflector on flash case, matching red dots (2), press button (1) and fasten by turning reflector to the right.

To conserve battery: Insert flash bulbs just before shooting. Disconnect cable to Rolleiflash comb. when not in use.

Mounting on Camera

Swing down bracket to stop and snap into locked position. Bracket case can be returned to folded position by pressing arm (11) sideways; do not press retaining spindle (12).

Turn locking ring (3) to the left. Insert bracket into viewing lens bayonet, turn to right until it clicks into shooting position. Secure by turning locking ring to right. Reverse procedure for removing from camera.

To connect cord: press button lock (6), remove one cord plug and insert into flash socket of camera.

Taking the Picture

Inserting flash bulb: press button (4), insert bulb all the way into socket and release button (4). When using baseless bulbs, it is important that the wires in the base make good contact with the retaining jaws. The following bulbs may be used: metal base (Swan, M2) and baseless (European all-glass bulbs).

To test circuit: press test knob (9) – a brief flash of the test lamp (10) indicates proper conditions for firing bulb. For replacement of flash test bulb, use 6 v. 0.05 – 0.07 ampere bulb.

X or M contact: refer to bulb manufacturer’s instructions with reference to particular bulb and camera being used.

Synchronized Firing: release camera shutter

Open-flash method (for hand firing (8) when making time exposures): Do not connect flash cord to camera. Loosen safety screw ring (7) and fire flash by pressing contact button (8). This method can be useful in illuminating large indoor areas by firing several flashes one after the other with open shutter. When not doing this, always secure hand contact button by locking with screw ring (7).

Bulb ejection: Press ejector button (4) – bulb will pop out. (see safety note at start of these instructions)

Adjusting reflector angle: Normal position – turn reflector to inward stop – for wide-angle even ilumination of full picture area. To concentrate light over centre of picture – for long shots or when using reduced format sizes – turn reflector to outward stop.

f/stop calculator (5): Adjust so that bulb manufacturer’s recommended guide number appears in upper window. Correct f/stops appear opposite distance settings below. With reflector in normal (wide-angle) position, read upper distance scale; for reduced angle shots, use lower scale. Example: Guide No. 20, subject distance 2.5 – correct diaphragm setting, f/8. With reduced angle, and same conditions, f/11 is sufficient. This is worth taking advantage of when taking reduced format pictures (Rolleikin or 16 and 24 exposure mechanism).

Rolleiflash on a tripod

Remove bracket by lifting it out slightly and pressing spindle (12) fully. Rolleiflash may then be attached to tripod. Bracket may be reattached by reversing procedure.

Rolleiflash comb.

A second cable socket (13) is provided for extension unit, Rolleiflash comb. A second extension unit can be connected to the first. Thus a total of three bulbs may be fired simultaneously. Using 10 feet cords and connectors, the bulb may be fired up to approximately 33 feet from the camera.

To release cords from connectors: press metal side bar (14).

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